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Placing Orders

Submitting orders has been made easier than ever! Simply click the PayPal button on this page so we can begin processing your order. Personal orders will be fulfilled and shipped the following business day, but our ability to fulfill larger orders is currently limited to the equipment available for our manufacturing process. If you wish to submit a large order (ten or more 11oz packages), please see our Bulk Orders page and contact us prior to ordering for possible discounts on packaging and shipping. Such discounts may be available based on your individual needs. Thank you.

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How to Place Personal Orders:

Shipping costs are based on the quantity of packages ordered. Complete the submission process using PayPal and we will ship your order the following business day! Due to mailing expenses, we are using the USPS to ship our products at this time. For packages less than 5lb (~10 7oz packages), we have found that it is least expensive to ship by weight. Our shipping costs are in accordance to the package weights listed on the USPS website. If you wish to order over 10 packages, it is least expensive to ship the items using a flat rate box through the USPS. Please use the links below according to the size of your order. Thank you.

Local Orders

Orders to be shipped within 15 miles of Columbia, MO or Normal, IL qualify for free shipping. Please place these orders face-to-face with Andrew or Anthony to qualify for this discount. Such requests may also be submitted through email. Thank you!

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