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Coffee Cereal

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About The Cereal

Coffee Cereal is the perfect way to start anyone's day. Our secret formula combines the full bodied, smooth tastes of coffee with delectable, nutritious corn flakes. Coffee Cereal contains all the nutritious value of a well balanced breakfast with enough caffeine to jump-start your day!

About The Company

Coffee Cereal Inc is a small business originating in Normal, Illinois. It was founded during the summer of 2010 by two Physics students at Illinois State University. After arduous weeks of traveling and studying, the students decided that they needed an efficient way to eat and stay alert while obtaining proper nourishment. One fateful night, they experimented with various breakfast cereals and coffee mixtures. They developed a brilliant concoction which we now call Coffee Cereal.

The company is now manufacturing and selling cereal in two states as well as selling online. They are currently working to design the Bowlonator 10,000 (a large confectionary coating machine) to join its predecessor, the Bowlonator 9,001, in coating more delicious coffee cereal. The new Bowlonator will allow us to produce more cereal per unit of time. This will give the business the resources necessary to expand to serve a broader region and take more orders from coffee houses in that region.